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planit Forecasting + planit Demand

Here at planit, we combine a variety of forecasting methodologies with a state-of-the-art Demand Planning application to guide businesses in the recognition of demand for their goods and services. By recognizing and responding to demand in the marketplace, businesses can effectively marshal their resources to serve their customers while simultaneously maximizing profits.

planit Forecast

Why choose planit over other forecasting application? While nearly every forecasting service is focused on methodologies that minimize some error metric, many businesses operate in an environment where the risk of over forecasting vs under forecasting is heavily skewed. planit leverages methodologies that trade off error minimization with loss functions focused on profit maximization. Use planit Forecast to drive supply chain efficiency, optimize service level targets and increase your bottom line.

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Automated forecast models out-of-the-box



Configurable parameters to match business operations

Reduce effort required to deploy a better forecast

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Custom forecast model development services

Forecasts integrate with planit Demand

Data on a Touch Pad

planit Demand

planit Demand leverages an intuitive workbench with application design focused on minimizing clicks to simplify demand planning for planners. With customizable views and reports, locks and overrides available across configurable levels of your planning dimensions; and multiple reconciliation methodologies to ensure the demand plan ties across your hierarchies, planit Demand is set up to evolve with your supply chain and fit your demand planning requirements as you grow. Click here if you’re interested in a demo.

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