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planit SUPPLY


Ensure that you have optimal inventory at each link of your supply chain with planit Supply!

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With all your planning information displayed intuitively in an easy to use planning workbench, planit Supply will optimally guide your purchasing, manufacturing and inventory decisions. With the ability to customize features, views and reports; planit Supply is set up to evolve with your supply chain and fit your supply planning like a glove. planit Supply includes the following capabilities:

Inventory optimization

Dynamic safety-stock calculations

Constraint based optimization

Distribution recommendations

What-if scenarios

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Customer shelf-life requirements

Distribution recommendations

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Why Customers Love planit Supply!

Set statistically based safety stock targets to hit your customer level service goals

Reduce inventory holding costs

Gain revenue through a reduction in stock-outs and/or an increase in sales at regular price vs. discounted prices

Freight cost reduction due to less expediting of inventory

Scenario planning to handle supply chain disruptions

Advanced constraint planning for your suppliers and factories

Lot level inventory analysis accounting for expiration, age and customer shelf-life requirements

Manage raw materials and component requirements through purchasing / production recommendations

Get recommendations to redistribute inventory throughout your network to avoid inventory shortages

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