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1.  Graphical Time-Series Visualization

      -  Historical demand including YOY visibility

      -  Statistical forecast (including planit Forecast)

      -  Sales and Marketing forecasts and other key event inputs

      -  Confidence and prediction intervals

      -  Forecast locks and overrides

2.  Demand Planning KPIs

      -  Accuracy, Bias, Demand variability

      -  Accuracy Targets

      -  Forecast Value Added (FVA), a measure of planner intervention effectiveness

3.  Planners Actions

Supply Chain Mangement Solutions 2.png
planit solutions 2.png

-  Filter on Product, Region, Customer, Time

-  Drill-down capabilities within the workbench across all levels of the hierarchy below filter  selection

-  Locks and override, and ability to allocate, aggregate and disaggregate across product hierarchy through built-in reconciliation

4.  Forecast Performance Analysis and Parameter selection screen

     -  Compare performance metrics across available forecast models

     -  Ability to change forecasting parameters for each model

     -  Ability to select default baseline

     -  Show users optimal parameters selected by forecast models

5.  Automated S&OP workflow and reporting support

6.  Configurable data import/export capabilities

7.  Ability to integrate the demand plan into planit Supply


Forecasting and Demand Workbench Configuration Capabilities

1.  Ability to adjust order history

2. Event modeling including input capabilities for events

3. Ability to configure elements displayed in the demand workbench and graphs

Supply Chain Mangement Solutions 1.png
Supply Chain Mangement Solutions 3.png
planit solutions 3.png
planit solutions 1.png
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